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Dragon’s Breath Yoga teachers draw from Forrest, Ashtanga, Prana Flow, Rocket, Yin and Vinyasa practices to create dynamic sequences.

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Workshops allow you to go deeper in your practice by sharing and exploring the passion and expertise of a teacher. Discover more and find out what’s upcoming.

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Breathe With Purpose

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About Dragon's Breath

Dragon’s Breath Yoga offers mindful yoga that is accessible to all. Teachers bring their magical approach to the practice by sharing their knowledge and passion, focusing on breath, alignment, and strengthening. Based on the foundations of Forrest, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa, Dragon’s Breath offers a range of styles to challenge and inspire any yogi.

What's In a Name?

The dragon has been misunderstood and made to be the villain. The fire of their breath is thought to be destructive but in reality, it is a controlled burn. Dragons breathe with purpose and with each inhale and exhale, they focus intention. Dragon eyes see all and when they need to focus their strength, power, and magick, they use their breath. When we work with the dragon, we discover our own courage, our passions, and our place in the world. The quest is to ally with the dragon. Never waste another breath.

Our Mission

We offer high quality yoga instruction to yoga practitioners of all levels – no matter who you are, what you look like, who and what you love, or what you believe. Being a member of an active and caring community is important to us and having a lair to explore connection is a guiding principle. Our goal is to make each student, instructor, and staff member feel supported and guided through the evolution and growth of their yoga practice. The journey toward becoming our biggest, brightest, best, most kind, and most magical selves begins when we roll out the mat.


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Drop-In Class Rates

New Student Special: $75 for 1 month.

Single class: $35

Class Passes

5 Class Pass (3 Month Expiration): $95

10 Class Pass (3 Month Expiration): $175

Unlimited Classes

Monthly Membership: $109/mth (3 mth. min. commitment w/ mat storage)

1 Month Unlimited: $140

3 Months Unlimited: $350

Yoga Dragons

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